The Australian Curriculum promotes increased consistency across classrooms and continuity across year levels in what is taught and how it is assessed and reported in Queensland schools.

Reporting is part of communicating with parents and building the school-parent partnership to improve student learning. School reporting processes are clear and transparent for parents, so they understand:

  • The learning expectations for the student
  • The student’s achievements against expected standards
  • How well the student is engaging with the expected learning
  • How the student may be able to improve

Schools use the appropriate template in Oneschool to complete written reports to parents. These report student achievement for each learning area/subject studied in the reporting period. Student effort and behaviour is also reported. Written reports are issued at the end of Terms 2 and 4 as part of the Student Learning Portfolio. These report student achievement.

Parent Interviews take the format of a three way conference involving the child during Term 1 and 3. Parents can request an interview at other times. Simply contact your child’s teacher and arrange a mutually convenient time.