Bardon State School is an ‘enrolment managed’ school. This means that students that reside within our catchment may enrol in our school. At times there may be opportunity for limited enrolments to be taken from outside the catchment.

Parents wishing to enrol their child at Bardon State School may do so from the 2nd week of Term 2 each year. Enrolments are processed in the order they are received for consideration to “out of catchment’ enrolments

Prep is a full time (five days per week) non-compulsory program. When enrolling, parents must provide verification of their child’s date of birth (Birth Certificate, Passport) and proof of residence.

The Prep year is a combination of formal and informal learning. The program is based on the Australian Curriculum and the Early Years Curriculum Guidelines for Social and Personal Learning, Active Learning Processes and Health and Physical Understanding.

The students learn using a combination of hands on concrete materials, ICT’s and structured learning activities.

Enrolment Date of Birth
2017 July 1 2011 June 30 2012
2018 July 1 2012 June 30 2013
2019  July 1 2013 June 30 2014
2020  July 1 2014 June 30 2015
2021  July 1 2015 June 31 2016
2022  July 1 2016 June 31 2017

Year One
For enrolment into Year One, a child must reach the age of five years by the 1st of July the previous year, Eg. for 2017 Year One enrolment child must turn 5 by the 1st of July 2016

For those students enrolling from another state or system they will initially be placed in a year level according to age.

For those children who have not previously attended a Queensland State School, proof of age is required. Proof can be in the form of:

  • Birth Certificate or Birth Extract
  • Passport

Catchment Information Regarding Enrolment

School Catchment area map

The School Enrolment Management Plan (School EMP)

Enrolment Forms