Guidance Officer

A Guidance Officer visits the school one day a week. Contact with the Guidance Officer is arranged through the referral process with the class teacher or through contact with the Principal or Deputy Principal.

The Guidance Officer may complete some specific assessments to support the staff’s understanding of the student needs. There may be a possibility of short term counselling (4 weeks) if appropriate. This assists the Guidance Officer to understand the case more fully and then discuss possible referral on external agencies if required.

Occupational Therapist (OT) and Physiotherapist

OT and Physio services can be arranged through a referral process to the region. These services can only be accessed by students who have been verified in the following disability areas – ASD, HI, VI, PI, ID and SLI

Speech Language Pathologist

A Speech Pathologist visits the school three days per term. Their role is to assist teachers and teacher aides with the establishment of oral language programs, complete speech and language assessments where appropriate and provide training to the wider class. Due to the limited access, ongoing therapy is not an option for our Speech Pathologist but they will assist in supporting families to access further services if appropriate. Access to this service is through the referral process to the Active Learning Team. Parents should discuss any concerns with the class teacher in the first instance.