Please Note: The Responsible Behaviour Plan has been adjusted and approved to cover 2019 by the P&C 
First Aid and Illness

If your son/daughter is unwell, parents are advised to keep them at home. Sending them to school under such circumstances could possibly lead to the illness being prolonged or in some cases, spreading the illness to other children.

First aid assistance is provided for minor injuries. An ambulance will be called for injuries of a serious nature. In the interests of your child’s wellbeing, it is essential that the school is kept informed of any changes to address, work, home and emergency telephone numbers.

It is vital that the school has an up to date record of any health issues and that the school has been provided with an Individual Health Plan for:

  • Asthma
  • Diabetes
  • Epilepsy
  • Severe Allergic Reactions (anaphylaxis)

These plans must be developed with your support medical specialists and are to be updated annually or when any change has occurred

The following information on some of the more common communicable diseases is provided for parent’s information.

Administration of Medication
If your child is required to take medication, which has been prescribed by his or her doctor, while they are at school or involved in school approved activities, the following procedures are to apply:

  • A parent/guardian must make a written request to the Principal.
  • The original instructions for the administration of the medication must be provided on the original medication container by the pharmacist at the medical practitioner’s directions.
  • The instructions need to indicate specific times at which medication is to be administered, as well as the quantity of medication to be administered
  • All medication must be handed in at the office for safekeeping.
  • Inhalers may be kept by individual pupils provided written permission is received from the parent/guardian.
  • Non prescribed oral medication (such as analgesics and over the counter medication) cannot be administered by school staff. Under no circumstances are these medications to be sent to school to be retained by and used at the discretion of the child.

These procedures have been established by Education Queensland in conjunction with Queensland Health, in an endeavour to ensure the safety of all children.

Mobile Phones and Digital Technologies

No students should have a digital device, including mobile phone, at school. Should there be a requirement for a student to have a device, written permission must be sought from the Principal and the device given to the teacher or office at the beginning of each day.

The full policy is outlined in your enrolment documents – Mobile Phones and Electronic Devices

Photographing other students or posting images or information about students at Bardon State School without appropriate permissions will be considered a serious breach of the school’s Responsible Behaviour Plan