Welcome back to school and a big welcome to families new and old to the Library.

Who’s who in the library?

Mrs Nicoladis our fabulous Teacher Aide. She works in the library:  processing books, helping borrowers, keeping our resources ticking over. She also works in the classrooms. Mrs Nicoladis works Monday to Thursday.

What are the differences between and a home reader and a library book? 

A Home Reader is a book that is assigned to children based on their reading level. Reading levels are determined by the teacher and monitored continuously as children improve. As such, a Home Reader is one that should be able to be read with little or no help, and enjoyment.

Class teachers will decide the ‘level’ which is appropriate for your child. This decision is made using an analysis of children’s reading on levelled texts. This is a complex process taking into consideration many factors including comprehension.

Parents are asked to monitor nightly and comments are encouraged in the Reading Folder. At Bardon State School, we value our collection of Home Readers. Our collection has a wide variety of reading schemes and other individual titles giving our readers a range of text types to experience.

A Library Book is one that has been chosen by each child at our library. Children borrow according to personal preference or interest. Library staff often assist children making selections.

The library is a wonderful area located within the heart of our school, the students are very welcome to visit for reading and games, and classes are scheduled for lessons and borrowing.

Borrowing Grid

Year Level                        Junior Fiction                 Junior Non Fiction                              Total Number of Books
Prep                                  Junior Fiction / Non fiction Picture Books                                            1
Year 1                                             1                                         1                                                    2
Year 2                                             1                                         1                                                    2
Year 3                                             2                                        2                                                     4
Year 4                                             2                                        2                                                     4
Year 5                                             2                                        2                                                     4
Year 6                                             2                                        2                                                     4

There has been a lot of borrowing as the year has commenced but many children are still without a library bag.  The rule is “no bag, no book”, so please make sure you have a suitable waterproof bag for borrowing.

Scholastic Book Club

Catalogues are distributed twice a term for children to have the opportunity to make a purchase. A percentage of all sales is fed directly back to the school, which we use to continuously purchase and update resources for the library and for the children all to share.

Borrowing Times

1.    Before School: 8.30am – 8.50am
2.    During first and second breaks Happy reading!