The Choral Program

Year 3 choir
All year 3 students participate in this choir and are focusing on learning good rehearsal habits. This year they will perform on assemblies, at Mayfair and our Arts night in Term 4.

Big Bardon Choir
Is open to all students in year 4 -6.  Our singers are making a fantastic sound this year! We will be focusing on developing good choral and performance technique. Of course, having fun is important too!!

Bardo Voce
This auditioned chamber choir provides more challenging choral opportunities for our selected singers from years 4 -6.   They will focus on intonation and creating a blended choral sound while singing in 2 and 3-part harmony. Throughout the year they perform in quality choral competitions and community performances.

Students are expected to practice at home and for those in Years 4 -6, it is essential that they bring their folders and a pencil to rehearsal each week.