Responsible Behaviour Plan

At Bardon State School we have a whole school Responsible Behaviour Plan (RBP). This is available in our key policies section and in our Welcome Pack. Please take some time to review this document on our website.

Learning is not only focussed on the curriculum at BSS. Learning about appropriate behaviours and social communications skills are equally important in our journey to be global citizens. Just like academic learning, not everyone gets it right the first time or at the same pace. Supports are provided to all students along their learning journey.

Having clear expectations is the first step and you will notice the four school expectations throughout the school and also class developed rules within each classroom. It is also important to develop a predictable environment where the consequences for choices are outlined and known to all. This is why we also work with students in developing agreed positive consequences and negative consequences.

At times some students may need additional support and individualised support plans may be developed.
Within our RBP we outline our Bullying No Way policy. We support students to use the “high five” when dealing with difficult situations. We assist students to label difficult situations through the Beating Bully Bulldozer program, so that all behaviours are not labelled as Bullying. We encourage students to seek support and advice from their class teacher, the teacher on duty or with the Deputy or Principal if they have ongoing concerns. We encourage parents to support their child to resolve issues using the strategies outlined in the RBP or to support them to talk with their teacher or Admin. Building resilient citizens of the future that have developed skills to independently resolve difficulties is important.

For all members of our community it is important that we consider connecting and disconnecting habits. When things are most difficult we can easily fall into the “Dead End Roads” thinking and communicating. When things don’t go as we wish, or are difficult it is important that both as students or adults we focus on “open roads” habits. This ensures a positive outcome and assists in developing lifelong skills for managing difficult situations.


During 2018 we will be undertaking a review of our Homework policies at BSS. We believe Homework is an integral part of the teaching/learning process and assists in developing study habits that are required as students move through the learning years of school. We want to create a balance throughout the primary school years to enable students to build these skills and engage in real-life challenges and activities.

Homework may take the form of reading, reviewing spelling, work revision, practice examples to complete or assignments requiring some research and report writing

Parents can help in this important task by ensuring that the home tasks are completed and that an area free from distractions such as television, is set aside in the home for study purposes.

Your child’s books and homework should provide a link between home and school, and a discussion point between parent and child.

Student Dress Code

Wearing a uniform encourages a closer and deeper association with the school. Our school pride is reinforced by care for our uniforms as much as we care for our grounds, our learning and each other.

Our uniform reinforces our sense of team and it is expected that all students at Bardon State School wear their full school uniform every day within the school grounds and represents the school proudly when off campus.

As a Sun Safe School, hats are to be worn at all times when children are outdoors. Baseball style caps are not acceptable. Bardon State School’s policy is NO HAT NO PLAY 

The enrolment agreement that each parent/carer and student signs on entry to Bardon State School sets out the responsibilities of all students enrolled. Part of this agreement is to abide by the Student Dress Code.

Please refer to the Full School Dress Code Policy in our Parent Handbook

Mindfulness/Social Emotional Programs

Each term we also have a focus on Mindfulness and/or Breathing programs either provided within the school or from external agencies.

Lastly, each class has a ½ hour lesson each week focused around a range of Social Emotional programs; “Beating Bully Bulldozer, “Friends for Life” and Emotional Resilience.

Sun Safety

Sun safety is important for our school because our students are here during peak times for ultraviolet radiation (UVR), which is 10 am to 3 pm.

Cancer Council Queensland says childhood sun exposure contributes significantly to a person’s risk of developing skin cancer in their lifetime, so our school encourages sun safe behaviours.

Wearing wide brim hats, sun protective clothing, sunscreen and keeping in the shade as much as possible are good habits to get into and we encourage parents and staff to set a good example for our students.

Parents and guardians can check out Cancer Council Queensland’s website for more information on being SunSmart.

Bike Safety

Many students enjoy the independence of riding to school. As parents it is important to assess your child’s readiness for this responsibility and ensure that they are aware of the road rules and legal obligations to wear a helmet. Students are expected to dismount to cross roads, especially at our school crossing and must walk their bike within the school grounds.

There is a bike rack located near the music block.