Digital Technology

We offer Digital Technology lessons to all students from Prep to Year 6 each week. Ensuring students develop competencies with a range of digital devices to support their learning is important. Digital Technology also focuses on coding; a knowledge becoming more and more prominent and integrated into teaching throughout high school and beyond.


From Prep to Year 6 students have a one hour Science lesson each week. These lessons are focussed on inquiry based learning and couple theory with practice so students engage in hands on experiences.

Visual Arts

We are very fortunate to have a specialist in the Visual Arts. Students from Prep to Year 6 create amazing pieces throughout the year that are showcased at our Annual Arts Evening.

LOTE – Japanese

Students from Years 4 to 6 are a part of the Japanese program at the school. This is focussed on speaking, reading and writing Japanese but also appreciation of the deep culture. We have a sister school in Japan and often host student groups. We feel this is a deeply enriching experiences for both the visiting school and our students alike.

Health and Physical Education

Our HPE specialist runs the health and physical education programs in our school that includes: swimming in Terms 1 and 4, athletics and cross country, skill development programs and healthy living and awareness programs. All students from P-6 are a part of this programming.

Dance and Drama

In 2017 we  introduced a Dance and Drama Specialist as part of our Arts program. Students from Prep to Year 6 showcase their skills in Bardon’s Got Talent each year and at our end of year concert. We hope to build on these great events with further options for students as our program develops.


The school boasts a comprehensive music program comprising of choirs, instrumental music and classroom music. All students participate in a ½ hour a week classroom music program provided by a specialist teacher.


The major aim of our choir program is to inspire in children a love of music and singing. There are four choirs within the school, the “Year 3 Junior Choir”, “The Big Bardon Choir”, “The Boys Brigade” and the “Bardo Voce Choir”. Many children continue with the program as they progress through the school. Some choirs require an audition process to be completed. It is an expectation that continued involvement in the choral program is contingent on students’ regular attendance at rehearsals.

The choir performs under the baton of our choral music teacher and they form an integral part of the school’s cultural program. Children have many performance experiences throughout the year with the choirs regularly performing on school assemblies, at community events, school concerts and competitions.

Parents with children in the program will be asked to contribute as follows:

  • School participation fee to cover the cost of music competitions and buses.
  • There is a separate cost for the music uniform from Year 4.
Instrumental Music

The Instrumental Music Program forms an integral part of the school curriculum. Children in year four who have achieved the required level of skill development are invited to join the program. There are limited places available.
Instruction is given in flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, euphonium, saxophone and percussion. Children undertaking instruction may “hire” these instruments from the school in their first year.

Parents with children in the program will be asked to contribute as follows:

  • School participation fee to cover the cost of music, competitions and the purchase of new equipment.
  • There is a separate cost for the music uniform from year 4.
  • Children will require an accessories pack which includes such items as a practice pad, if applicable, text book, CD and other equipment specific to their instrument.
  • Children using school instruments will pay hire fee.

Period of Loan
(i) Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet Alto Saxophone, Trombone and Glockenspiel: 1 year
(ii) Euphonium, Bass Clarinet and Tenor Saxophone: 3 years