The Active Learning Team (ALT) works alongside class teachers as co-teachers to meet the individual needs of all students in their class. Our model is based on inclusive practices and focusses on applying reasonable adjustments to allow students to be a part of the classroom environment and engage with the curriculum as a priority.

Collaboratively the ALT teacher and class teacher co-plan and co-teach to differentiate the curriculum, resources or support strategies in order to match individual student learning needs.

ALT Teachers also work with Teacher Aides to ensure continuity of programs in place in classrooms and the playground.
Students requiring significant adjustments to their learning, play or social emotional programming may be referred to ALT. Parents should discuss any concerns with their class teacher in the first instance. Teachers collect data and evidence to present at a weekly referral meeting. The Guidance Officer, a member of the Leadership team and other key specialists may be at the ALT meetings. The ALT team evaluates each case and an action plan is developed. This could include;

  • Further assessments – internal specialists
  • Referral to an external agency
  • Adjustments to teaching programming, assessments or resources
  • Development of specific individualised plans
  • Engagement of specialist support to the school where possible