During 2016 the school undertook a rigorous review process. This included an external review panel completing a school review using the National School Improvement Tool and providing a report. Staff, students and parents were engaged in a range of feedback and visioning processes to canvas ideas and dreams for Bardon State School for the next four years. This data was used to develop our School’s Vision and Values, our 4 Year Strategic Plan and our Annual Implementation Plans.

Though there were many aspects covered in the review; Teaching, Learning and Learners is the focus of our school plans. Information gathered has also assisted in providing a strategic direction for the support provided by our P and C and facilities.

Nurturing a community of imaginative thinkers to inspire lifelong learning

As a school community we inspire learning and centre our decision making around the following core values :

I – Individuals


S –  Staff and Student Well-Being

P –  Powerful Partnerships

I  – Inquiry and Curiosity

R – Resilience