Hello and welcome to Bardon State School on behalf of the P & C Executive.

Congratulations on finding our treasure of a school!  We hope you have an opportunity to see not only the excellent staff and facilities our children engage with every day, but also the core of our school – its community and culture.

Bardon State School is unique in many ways. The stand out for me, as a parent of the school since late 2013, is its community. We are fortunate to have Sharni Tomkins and Andrew Male as our School Principal and Deputy School Principal respectively. They are committed to engaging the P&C in decisions relating to the schools Strategic Plan and its operational plans/policies. This transparency and involvement of the P&C in the shaping of our children’s school experience is the cornerstone of the school’s sense of community.  It is a comforting feeling to know that by attending the P&C meetings you can have a genuine influence over your children’s school experience. Whilst this unique degree of engagement and transparency between the P&C and the School’s Senior Leaders may set the tone of the engaging community spirit, the sense of community doesn’t stop there.

The welcoming nature of the Bardon parents and children were the stand out for my young family upon moving to Queensland and the Bardon area. Starting at a new school, be it in Prep or otherwise, can be daunting but the sense of belonging and inclusiveness at Bardon does not take long to permeate the children’s and their families school experience. You can expect to run into other Bardon families in various local venues and receive a friendly and genuine greeting. Bardon is a unique community where people wave and toot a ‘hello’ as they pass you in the street. The community is active in maintaining a caring and friendly culture. Being newish to the area we were blown away by the genuine nature of the entire community and especially the school community.

Our previous P&C President wrote how the school is an old fashioned sort of school in the sense that events are held ‘just for the sake of having a get together’. I agree with his statement and would like for you to consider how these events are important to supporting your children and their sense of belonging. Especially as they take on the challenges of developing into the amazing individuals they will become.  That old school charm is also evident in the sense that it is an “all in” type of school… If you see a need, we encourage you to make it your own. Have a chat with Mrs Tomkins; organise it or get the quotes for fixing it. Come along and present your suggestion at the next P&C or email it to our P&C secretary for inclusion in the agenda.

The MAYFAIR is our signature event and people from across Brisbane come to enjoy it.  It’s also our main fundraiser for the year, enabling the P&C support the school with additional teacher aide time, air conditioning throughout the school and technology support.  The Junior Playground and Stage have both been developed with seed funding from the Mayfair over the last 10 years. In 2015/2016 the P&C supported the school to complete projects including the Senior Playground development, Oval, Car Park, technology hubs. We look forward to further supporting the school with new and innovative programming and resources.

I encourage you to participate in the P&C, a parent group that supports the work of the school staff to ensure our children have the best facilities and learning environment. We meet on the third Monday of the month, starting at 7.00pm in the school Resource Centre.

2017 will be great year at Bardon State School, and we would love you to spend it with us. Please feel free to contact me at any time on pandcpresident@bardonss.eq.edu.au  should you have any further questions and or suggestions.

Kind Regards,

Peta Greeney
Parents & Citizens Association