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The school boasts a comprehensive music program comprising of choirs, instrumental music and classroom music. All students participate in a half hour a week classroom music program provided by a specialist teacher.


The major aim of our choir program is to inspire in children a love of music and singing. There are three choirs within the school, the “Junior Choir”, “The Big Bardon Choir” and the “Bardo Voce Choir”. Many children continue with the program as they progress through the school. Some choirs require an audition process to be completed. It is an expectation that continued involvement in the choral program is contingent on students’ regular attendance at rehearsals.

Junior Choir - Prep to Year 3

This choir is open to all students in the Prep to Year 3, and a perfect place to start learning how to sing.  Students in Year 3 have the option to sing in either Junior Choir or Big Bardon Choir, or even both! The aim of the Junior Choir are to promote the enjoyment of singing together in a group, to develop vocal confidence and choral skills such as in-tune singing and aural perception, and to build lifeskills such as mindful listening, empathy, teamwork and co-operation. They play lots of singing games as well as learning repertoire for performance. Junior Choir performs on assemblies at Mayfair and our Arts. 

Big Bardon Choir - Year 3 to Year 6

Big Bardon Choir is open to all students in Year 3-6 who love to sing. Students in Year 3 have the option to sing in either Junior Choir or Big Bardon Choir, or even both! In Big Bardon Choir, students build on the foundations of Junior Choir and learn more about singing and choral technique, all while furthering their enjoyment of making music together. Students in this choir sing from sheet music and are expected to bring their music folders to rehearsal each week. They perform regularly on school assemblies and at various community events, including Mayfair, Arts Night, Christmas Carols and at Bardon Community Kindy.​​

Bardo Voce

This auditioned chamber choir provides more challenging choral opportunities for selected singers in Year 4–6. They focus on intonation, performance skills and creating a blended choral sound while singing in 2 and 3-part harmony. Bardo Voce enjoys singing a wide variety of repertoire including classical, world, music theatre and works by Australian composers.  Throughout the year they perform in quality choral competitions and community performances such as Anzac Day, the Queensland Youth Music Awards and Musicfest. Bardo Voce students are also given the opportunity to participate in extra-curricular music extension programs, such as the State Honours Ensemble Program (SHEP) and the Metro Choral Honours Program. Students are expected to practice at home and to bring their music folders and a pencil to rehearsal each week. Membership in Bardo Voce is contingent on membership in Big Bardon Choir.


Parents with children in the program will be asked to contribute to or cover the costs for the following:

  • school participation fee to cover the cost of music competitions, accompanist fees and buses
  •  a separate cost for a music uniform for those in Big Bardon Choir and up​​

Instrumental music

The Instrumental Music Program forms an integral part of the school curriculum. Children in year 4 who have achieved the required level of skill development are invited to join the program. There are limited places available.
Instruction is given in flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, euphonium, saxophone and percussion. Children undertaking instruction may “hire” these instruments from the school in their first year.


Parents with children in the program will be asked to contribute to or cover the costs for the following:

  • a school participation fee to cover the cost of music, competitions and the purchase of new equipment.
  • a separate cost for the music uniform from year 4.
  • an accessories pack for children, which includes such items as a practice pad, if applicable, text book, CD and other equipment specific to their instrument.
  • hire fee for children using school instruments.

Period of loan

Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet Alto Saxophone, Trombone and Glockenspiel: 1 year

Euphonium, Bass Clarinet and Tenor Saxophone: 3 years.

Last reviewed 01 February 2023
Last updated 01 February 2023