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Active School Travel

Bardon State School proudly promotes active travel to school with the support of the Brisbane City Council's Active School Travel (AST) program. The program encourages students, parents, carers and teachers to leave the car at home and actively travel to school. It's all about creating healthier, more active students and families, increasing road safety awareness, safer streets and continuing to tackle traffic congestion. Since 2004, 168 schools and more than 127,000 students have participated in the BCC Active School Travel (AST) program.

Active school travel includes walking, cycling, scooting, car pooling, catching public transport and parking-n-striding.

Walk | Leave the car at home and walk to school. If you live too far away, drive part of the way and walk the rest. We call that 'Park & Stride'. Read more tips on walking to school and watch a video about walking safely to school.

Cycle | Riding a bike with your children helps them get to school quickly, be active and develop a lifelong skill of riding. Read more tips on riding to school.

Scoot | It's fun and fast to scooter to school. Just like when riding a bike, stick to the footpath and wear a helmet. Read more tips on scooting to school and watch a video about cycling and scooting safely to school.

Car pool | Try car pooling with another family to help reduce the number of cars at the school gate. Read more tips on car pooling and watch a video about car pooling to school.

Public transport | Travelling on public transport can give older children a sense of independence and free parents from daily school trips. Read more tips on taking public transport to school and watch a video about catching public transport safely to school.​

Park-n-stride | If you live too far away from school to actively travel you can park your car a distance from school and stride (walk) to school. A great park-n-stride location in our community is Bowman Park. Families can park at the back of the park near the playground and walk along Bowman Esplanade creek to get to school. See our Bardon Active Travel map for path ideas.​​

Please watch the video by the Active travel Team about travelling safely.



School Drop-off and Pick-up

Morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up are important times for student safety at Bardon State School.

On Simpsons Road we have a Stop, Drop, Go zone to support daily school drop-off and pick-up. This area, marked with council signs, is a 2 minute zone each school day from 8am – 9am and 2.30pm – 3.30pm. Our school community must adhere to the two minute stopping time limits on school days.

Student safety is of the upmost importance. Maintaining a smooth, free flowing pick-up zone will ensure students can safely enter and leave school each day, our wish for every student in our school community. 

Alternatives to using the Stop, Drop and Go zone:

If you wish to park your car for longer than 2 minutes, for example to walk your child into the school grounds, please use the street parking outside of the two minute zone or the carpark at the base of the school. 

If you would like to add a little movement into your day, park-n-stride from Bowman Park, an active way to travel to school. It's a beautiful walk along the creek in Bardon Esplanade, a lovely way to start or end the school day, build road safety skills with your child and independence for older children.

Active school travel map​

Last reviewed 07 November 2022
Last updated 07 November 2022