School rules


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Responsible behaviour plan

At Bardon State School we have a whole school Student Code of Conduct 2020-2024. This is available in our key policies section and in our Welcome Pack. Refer to our Behaviour management page for more details.


We believe homework is an integral part of the teaching/learning process and assists in developing study habits that are required as students move through the learning years of school. We want to create a balance throughout the primary school years to enable students to build these skills and engage in real-life challenges and activities.

Homework may take the form of reading, reviewing spelling, work revision, practice examples to complete or assignments requiring some research and report writing

Parents can help in this important task by ensuring that the home tasks are completed and that an area free from distractions such as television, is set aside in the home for study purposes.

Your child’s books and homework should provide a link between home and school, and a discussion point between parent and child.

If you have questions regarding homework please chat to your child/ren's teacher for more information. 

Student dress code

Wearing a uniform encourages a closer and deeper association with the school. Our school pride is reinforced by care for our uniforms as much as we care for our grounds, our learning and each other.

Our uniform reinforces our sense of team and it is expected that all students at Bardon State School wear their full school uniform every day within the school grounds and represents the school proudly when off campus.

As a Sun Safe School, hats are to be worn at all times when children are outdoors. Baseball style caps are not acceptable. Bardon State School’s policy is NO HAT NO PLAY.

The enrolment agreement that each parent/carer and student signs on entry to Bardon State School sets out the responsibilities of all students enrolled. Part of this agreement is to abide by the Student Dress Code.

Please refer to the full school dress code policy in our Uniform Policy handbook.​

Sun safety

Sun safety is important for our school because our students are here during peak times for ultraviolet radiation (UVR), which is 10.00am to 3.00pm.

Cancer Council Queensland says childhood sun exposure contributes significantly to a person’s risk of developing skin cancer in their lifetime, so our school encourages sun safe behaviours.

Wearing wide brim hats, sun protective clothing, sunscreen and keeping in the shade as much as possible are good habits to get into and we encourage parents and staff to set a good example for our students.

Parents and guardians can check out Cancer Council Queensland’s website for more information on being SunSmart.

Bike safety

Many students enjoy the independence of riding to school. As parents it is important to assess your child’s readiness for this responsibility and ensure that they are aware of the road rules and legal obligations to wear a helmet. Students are expected to dismount to cross roads, especially at our school crossing and must walk their bike within the school grounds.

There is a bike rack located near the music block.

First aid and illness

If your son/daughter is unwell, parents are advised to keep them at home. Sending them to school under such circumstances could possibly lead to the illness being prolonged or in some cases, spreading the illness to other children.

First aid assistance is provided for minor injuries. An ambulance will be called for injuries of a serious nature. In the interests of your child’s wellbeing, it is essential that the school is kept informed of any changes to address, work, home and emergency telephone numbers.

It is vital that the school has an up to date record of any health issues and that the school has been provided with an Individual Health Plan for:

  • asthma
  • diabetes
  • epilepsy
  • severe allergic reactions (anaphylaxis).

These plans must be developed with your support medical specialists and are to be updated annually or when any change has occurred

Administration of medication

If your child is required to take medication, which has been prescribed by his or her doctor, while they are at school or involved in school approved activities, the following procedures are to apply:

  1. A parent/guardian must make a written request to the Principal.
  2. The original instructions for the administration of the medication must be provided on the original medication container by the pharmacist at the medical practitioner’s directions.
  3. The instructions need to indicate specific times at which medication is to be administered, as well as the quantity of medication to be administered
  4. All medication must be handed in at the office for safekeeping.
  5. Inhalers may be kept by individual pupils provided written permission is received from the parent/guardian.
  6. Non prescribed oral medication (such as analgesics and over the counter medication) cannot be administered by school staff. Under no circumstances are these medications to be sent to school to be retained by and used at the discretion of the child.

These procedures have been established by Education Queensland in conjunction with Queensland Health, in an endeavour to ensure the safety of all children.

Mobile phones and digital technologies

Digital devices should be limited at school. Should there be a requirement for a student to have a device, the device needs to be given to the teacher or office at the beginning of each day. The device can then be collected at 3:00pm.

The full policy is outlined in your enrolment documents – Mobile Phones and Electronic Devices. 

Photographing other students or posting images or information about students at Bardon State School without appropriate permissions will be considered a serious breach of the student code of conduct and major consequences will follow, as per the behaviour processes and student code of conduct.

Lost property

Clearly naming all your child's belongings will greatly help returning belongings, should anything become mislaid. All lost property is held in the front area of the sick room for a term. Any unamed articles will be removed at the end of each term.


The carpark nearest the office is a staff carpark. The carpark nearest the tennis court/senior playground is our community carpark and parents are welcome to park here. 

There is never enough car parking, so parents are asked to set down and pick up children outside the school grounds whenever possible. 

Please note that a 2 minute maximum drop-off zone ("Kiss and Go") operates immediately in front of the school. Students are required to wait within the school gates at the front of the school for parents to arrive in the 2 minute zone. Parents are reminded that when dropping off or collecting children that they obey normal road rules and extend to our neighbours common courtesies such as parking away from driveways.

Last reviewed 18 July 2022
Last updated 18 July 2022